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Date: 31/05/12

An Open Letter - Update

I have now received a reply (snail-mail) from the Vice-Chancellor of Swansea University to my letter regarding the Liam Stacey case.

I am genuinely appreciative of Professor Davies for taking the time to respond. It did leave me with a small dilemma, however. Professor Davies did not state explicitly whether he assented to his reply being published here. However, given that he didn't explicitly dissent from that course of action (he didn't refer to it at all) and that his reply contains nothing confidential beyond that of the normal considerations of correspondence, I have decided to reproduce his response here and - as I had committed myself to do - verbatim and without further comment.

(Except to remark that, when typing it out for posting, I somehow turned "Yours sincerely" into "Yours incelery"; age never comes by itself, does it?)

Professor Davies' response is here.