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Date: 27/06/13

Compare And Contrast...

...As they used to say in exam papers:

George Osborne targets benefits and slashes public sector jobs Spending on monarchy up by £900,000 to £33.3m
Millions of public sector workers lose automatic annual pay rises Queen's income set to rise for second year running
Welfare curbs 'risk food banks and loan sharks' William and Kate's Kensington Palace refit costs £1m

Add to this an official 'opposition' which has already committed itself to matching this odious and undemocratic régime cut-for-cut, thus proving that the Labour Party some twenty years ago managed to lose its moral underpinnings, its principles and its backbone at the same time, and the question has to be put:

What will it take to get the people of this benighted island off their ever-widening arses and into the streets, there to remain until the last of this corrupt, self-serving, PPE-wielding cabal of cunts (and the dodgers and criminals they are paid to front for) is finally removed from all power and influence over our lives?

Oh, and hello to my readers in Cheltenham and Bluffdale, Utah.