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Date: 22/07/13


Can someone advise me please? Where is this "The World" which is - according to our completely unbiased, courageous and challenging media organisations - "waiting" for the next hyper-privileged brat to emerge from the appropriate orifice?

Are Kalahari Bushmen anxiously eyeing the skies for A Sign? Are tribal elders in the Kush crowded arounded their short-wave receivers awaiting the distant cries? Is there a relay of cleft-stick messengers standing by to bring The Good News - if not From Ghent to Aix - then at least from Kampala to Bwindi?

I rather suspect not. The nexus between the corpocracy and the media is so insular and insulated that, to them, 'The World' means nothing more than the people they have lunch with, and possibly their servants. The rest of the planet's bipedal inhabitants - with the possible exception of a Royalist gorilla somewhere in Rwanda - struggling as they are with a world so utterly beyond their ability to control even to the most minor degree, largely as a result of that same death-grip of politics, profit and prurience, could scarcely give a flying fuck at the Moon. Just like me. And, I suspect, you.

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