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Date: 02/08/13

Bury It, Then!

I absolutely loathed The Jam. Really.

For all the wibble - largely by people who weren't even there - about how 'significant' they were, all I saw at the time was the spirit of Punk being neutered and neutralised by an over-hyped group of middle-class poseurs from Woking.

And one of their singles stopped the sublime Golden Brown by The Stranglers from getting to that coveted Number One spot.

So you can imagine how I feel about having another one of their exudations (you can possibly guess which one by the title of this piece) stuck in my head going round and round just because some prannock drove his four-wheeled dick extension past here a couple of hours ago with it playing full blast. I'm going to need some Death Metal to flush this particular musical turd out of my system.