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Date: 31/08/13

Out Of Place

I've remarked before - and in other contexts - that there's no-one quite as provincial as the English middle-class metropolitan.

There's a corollary to this, in that those self-same, self-regarding English 'liberals' and 'progressives' - who will gladly march ineffectively through the streets of London in an attempt to stop the American empire bombing yet another south-west Asian country, and sign anguished petitions in recognition of the rights of self-determination of the tiniest of nations elsewhere - tend to show a casual disregard for the identities of nations on the very island where they are operating (badly) their Agas and cafetières.

Take a look at this, for instance, from today's edition of The Grundiad, the house journal for conceited British liberals:

Screenshot of Guardian article about Tenby (in Wales) under the heading 'England'

This will no doubt be shrugged off by those responsible for it as 'a production error', but consider this: did no-one at the Graun even notice that is was wrong before it went up? And if they did notice, did they either think that no-one would notice, or even care, or that it simply didn't matter?

If so, they were completely wrong, as some of the commenters under the piece have been quick to point out.

As a service - provided free in the name of international understanding - JudgeCo™ would like to give succour and assistance to those sub-editing one of the world's leading 'liberal' newspapers, by means of the following infographic:

Map showing where Tenby is

Update: It took them four days, but they've now removed Teh Stupid from that page.