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Date: 20/03/16

Beyond Belief

Are we really expected to believe Iain Duncan Smith's claim that he resigned for reasons of 'principle' when:

As they used to say in the police in the olden days, don't piss on my boots and tell me it's raining.

The only real reasons for Smith's ever-so-public attack of piety (totally unencumbered, note, by the smallest grain of contrition) are finally to exercise the scabby mongrels of his resentment for the way he believes that the party has treated him since his catastrophic period as leader over a decade ago. And the fact that he has placed his successors in a tough place, and that those successors stand almost uniformly on the opposite side of the upcoming EU question to himself, will be a nice little bonus for him.

As will the fact that he is now being portrayed - not just by his few allies in politics such as Bernard Jenkin but, seemingly, by the media as well (hence the powder-puff treatment he apparently received at the hands of Andrew Marr this morning) - as some sort of martyr to humanity and compassion. A re-invention worthy of Heath Robinson (*), if not of Bloody Stupid Johnson (who of course, may be the next leader of the party as a result of all this).

The fact that Iain Duncan Smith has been, is and forever shall be an odious little tick, a crab-louse in the pubes of modern politics, must not be obscured by his sickeningly self-serving flounce. The burial shrouds of all those who were killed by his policies should forever be waved in his face wherever he manifests his wretched self. Nothing less will do to maintain our own dignity and self-respect as a society.

* Rube Goldberg if you're American.