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Date: 31/10/16

Another Triumph For English Justice

"Despite the forceful accounts provided..."

Photo of a mass charge of police down a village road towards a group of miners

"...by the campaigners and former miners who were present that day..."

Photo of massed police with shields pushing back unarmed miners

"...there would [...] be very few lessons for the policing system..."

Photo of a cop on horseback about to strike an unarmed photographer with a truncheon

"...to be learned from any review."

Photo of an unarmed man bleeding heavily from a head wound caused by a police baton

"Ultimately, there were no deaths or wrongful convictions."

Photo of a bloodied and beaten miner being carried away by his colleagues

"I have [...] concluded that there is not a sufficient basis for [...] either a statutory inquiry or an independent review"

Photo of a bloodied and beaten miner being dragged away by police

"Government rules out Orgreave inquiry"