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Date: 22/02/17


Photo of a woman police officer

In July 2005, this woman was in charge of an 'operation' designed to 'reassure' the people of London that the forces of law and order were sedulously looking after their interests and protecting them vigorously from brown-skinned terrorists of the sort who had set off bombs on the city's public transport just a matter of hours before without their intentions ever being sussed beforehand by those same forces.

As a result of this piece of security theatre, a young Brazilian electrician called Jean Charles de Menezes was gunned down in cold blood (and at point-blank range) in a crowded underground train in front of horrified witnesses.

In the immediate aftermath, this woman and her fellow officers deliberately spread lies and disinformation about their victim which were, of course, eagerly gobbled up and shat out by just about every media orifice.

In the intervening period between the murder and the trial of her employers for "breaches of health & safety regulations" (which was the only thing near to a trial which has ever occurred in relation to this case), she was promoted.

And today, after a number of other powerful and well-remunerated jobs in and around the state security apparatus, Cressida Dick, she of the ludicrous name ('Cressida'? I mean, really, m'dears! I once worked with a girl called Cressida; she insisted on being called 'Sid') has been appointed by the poltroonette who is the latest in a long line of race-baiting Home Secretaries to be in charge of the whole toy shop as the new Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police.

It's difficult to imagine that in a genuinely democratic European country those in power could even imagine that they could get away with so egregious a step. But the British national self-delusion that theirs is not a corrupt country, oh dearie me no, not like all those nasty foreigners, will continue unabated, Private Eye notwithstanding.

Some things never change...