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Date: 18/08/17

Still Shite

Following on from this, the State Broadcaster has issued a statement.

One can't possibly call it an 'apology', because it isn't one. The furthest that the anonymous issuer of the statement is willing to go is to say that it 'understands' why people felt that it was an example of bloody awful TV hackery. It 'regrets the omission' from the piece of anyone who might have known what they were talking about and didn't have an axe of malevolence to grind.

It now says that the item would have benefitted from this. Then why in the name of Corbet Woodall did it not realise this before they put it out? Or is it, as I said before, a case of, "It's only the Welsh, those sheep-shagging yokels will sit still for anything"?

The whole thing is like one of those fake apologies which tend to be issued by politicians, on the lines of, "if anyone felt offended...", which always translates into Modern Realish as, "I don't give a shit how anyone feels, but my salary might be on the line".

A full review is still needed to get to the root of the Castration's ignorance. The petition to that effect has now closed after attracting nearly 8000 signatures. Let's see what happens...