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Date: 07/04/18

A Name Too Far

I hope My Reader will understand when I tell him (*) that I can't write about this:

"The Second Severn Crossing is going to be renamed The Prince of Wales Bridge"

I can't write about all of these things because I'm too fucking angry to write about them.

* Or her. Or it: there's a danger that I might write a piece about all this stuff floating around about gender at the moment, because it's starting to get on my tits ().

† Which I most definitely have because I have 'self-identified' as having them.

‡ It's known in committee circles as the 'two-by-four' ploy. I'll illustrate: say you're on a committee or similar deliberating body. You want something called '3', but you know that a clear majority of your fellow members want something called '4', which you definitely don't want. When the decision comes up for discussion, you keep silent until very nearly the end, at which point you say that, whilst you can see the merits of '4', you can also see major benefits in something called '2', which 'major benefits' you then enumerate at length even though you know that your argument is bogus. You then, in 'a spirit of compromise', suggest '3' as a via media; which is, of course, what you wanted all along. The success of this strategem is one reason why you can't get a fucking thing done.