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Date: 15/06/18

Another (C)rap Judgement / The Mother****** Of Parliaments

If it is true (and it largely is) that the price of freedom is eternal vigilance, then the good and loyal serfs of Greater Austeria (aka English Empire 2.0) have been asleep at the wheel for far too long.

Following on from my last Rant on this subject, I read today of an even more egregious attack by state agents on freedom of artistic expression.

Drill is, it seems, a form of rap music which originated from the black underclass of Chicago and features lyrics referring to gang wars, guns, drugs and the taunting of rivals. Just like much of the original rap music did thirty-odd years ago, in fact.

Just like its eminent (and now regarded largely as 'seminal') progenitor, drill has been blamed by those in power as being responsible for killings, knife crimes and all other social ills up to and including the lousy form of the 2018 Baltimore Orioles. This - and the fact that it is produced by the most marginalised sector of our populations, i.e., young black guys - has led it to become the target of police forces and politicians desperate to be seen to be doing something and cognisant of the endless possibilities of doing it to those who are easy to demonise in the eyes of those who scan, purse-lipped and purple-faced, the pages of that offensive weapon against reasoned reality called the Daily Mail.

Which brings us to this week.

On Monday, five young black men from west London were thrown in the clink for possessing machetes with - so the Metplod claimed - the intention to commit crimes with them.

OK, I'll pass no opinion on that aspect of it. But...

The five are members of a rap outfit called 1011, whose videos have been viewed millions of times on YouTube (or, at least, they had been before Metplod asked that channel to remove them). Today (Friday), Metplod and the Clown Persecution Service went back to court to get a judge to issue what is euphemistically termed a 'Criminal Behaviour Order' (CBO) against the band. The judge, of course, obliged with alacrity (and no doubt more than a little glee).

Here - in addition, remember, to having to spend up to three and a half years locked up - is what 1011 will now have to put up with:

And all of the above provisions will run for three years, with further jail time certain for them if they are deemed to have broken any one of them.

Irrespective of what you may think of the material itself (I haven't heard it myself, given that I considered its antecedents back in the eighties merely a repository for vacuous vainglory and advanced dick-waving), allowing and encouraging the police (and especially a force renowned for its even-handedness when dealing with the non-white communities of their manor; see under Form 696) to be censors of art (however broadly defined) is setting a very dangerous precedent, especially when combined with the customarily complaisant stance of the overwhelmingly white and middle-class English judiciary.

Consider if you will:

Whatever your views on 'drill' (or porn), the same basic principle remains: no-one has the right to expect the State to repress things that you, personally, feel offended by, and to give such power to the police and a socially lopsided judiciary is dangerous madness. And yet that, once more, is what we have in this instance.

Most of this is the fault of the scummiest press in the developed world (so bad that even Australians have to hold their noses when reading it) and by the politicians who are in thrall to that press' screeching.

Which brings me to...


The Mother****** Of Parliaments

When you observe the antics in that neo-gothic theme park which we are enjoined to revere as the finest parliament in the history of the world, the solar system, the universe, space, then it is scarcely any wonder that we have ended up where we are.


All of the above, in one week in what, according to the propaganda of generations, is the Mother of Parliaments. 'Mother' has now quite clearly become an abbreviation and the whole wretched edifice needs to be torn down. Happily, it seems that it won't ultimately need any assistance from outside - not even from the Kremlin - for that to happen.

The shenanigans around Scotland and the power grab of its parliamentary powers has already led to five thousand or more people joining the SNP, to the author of the notorious 'Vow' of 2014 to now come out in favour of independence, and for a mood of anger to take firmer root more widely across Scotland as the population sees in what contempt they, their parliament and their democratically-elected representatives are held by the imperial establishment. It will be the end of the Conservative Party as any force in Scottish politics in the same way that the Labour Party's pathetic posturing has killed any realistic thoughts of a comeback stone dead; both parties will now only appeal to the most hard-line of Brit Nats and the dwindling ranks of Orange Lodge daleks. The second independence referendum - which must now surely be called in the next twelve months - is most certainly not won, but a tipping point has clearly been reached.

It may give all but the most gammony of 'Leave' voters from two years ago cause to pause and consider that the inmates of the Asylum of Saint Stephen are the people to whom they have chosen to hand total power over their futures.

And it may even lead the people of Shipley and Christchurch to ponder whether they really want their interests to be represented by two blobs of sub-human sewage called Phillip Davies and Christopher Chope.