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Date: 22/07/18

Drip, Drip, Drip...

Can you spell "colonial exploitation"?

(Why the hell not? I mean, I've just written it down for you!)

Screenshot from BBC news website: 'Wales' brand new water pipes' which will 'carry water across the UK'

Screenshot from BBC news website: ''Turn the taps off' to stop drought, Welsh Water pleads'

And the Brumm-ayes and their ilk get the stuff for next-to-fuck-all as well.

(Back in the drought of '76, people in Gwent were put on water rationing - standpipes and all - whilst the English midlands weren't. A graffito appeared on the cistern of a public bog in Pontypridd: "Flush vigorously! Birmingham needs your water!")

I wonder which of our valleys and villages they'll have their eyes on next...