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Date: 08/03/19

Ain't It Grand?

(Or, The Continuing Persecution Of Chelsea Manning)

I have written about Chelsea Manning many times in the past decade, and would ask you to peruse this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this and this for the full picture.

As I may have said in at least one of those posts, Chelsea Manning's release did not mean that she was going to be immune from further acts of revenge by the Corporate States of America.

And so, this week, it has been shown to be so.

Chelsea Manning was ordered to appear and testify before a Grand Jury.

What's a 'Grand Jury' when it's out? I quote:

"Grand juries are used to establish 'probable cause' that a felony offense has been committed. Prosecutors run the proceedings behind closed doors, without a judge or defense attorney present. Basically, the whole process is rigged to favor indictment of the individual accused of a crime. They have also been used historically to oppress and frighten targeted groups, in particular, people perceived as dissidents and activists."

In more direct terms, therefore, they are shams of 'justice', even in the land of asset forfeiture and plea bargaining.

This particular 'grand jury' has probably (that 'secrecy' thing again) been convened to concoct a case against Wikileaks in general and its editor-in-chief Julian Assange in particular, as an act of intimidation and revenge for them passing on to the whole world the information that Manning provided about the US' criminality worldwide.

In accordance with the principles by which she has lived her life for many years, Chelsea Manning today refused to testify before such a marsupial tribunal, arguing that it infringed upon a number of her constitutional rights, and that she had no more to say that she had already said at her court-martial.

As a result, the patsy judge who had been detailed off to give the circus a vague aroma of legal propriety had her thrown in prison until she 'apologises' and obeys or until the 'grand jury' comes to an end. Given that this kavalkade of kangaroos is rumoured ('open justice'! Don'tcha just love it!) to have been running for at least a couple of years now, and that there is a strong vested interest by both wings of the American Empire Party to keep it going to provide cover for their ongoing malfeasance, incompetence and viciousness, then the sentence passed today is essentially one of indefinite detention.

Chelsea Manning needs our support again, and I would ask you to consider making a donation to her defence (sorry, defense) fund by clicking on the image below.

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