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Date: 08/08/20

Wrenched Wretchedly To The Right

A little timeline for you, m'dears:

2015: The membership of the Ukanian Labour Party - despairing at the inability of their party to regain office by merely retreading the discredited neo-liberal and neo-con quackery which had cost them power five years before - decide to elect as their leader someone from Yer Actual Left, someone who had clearly stated principles and policies which the population at large might have welcomed after half a decade of coalition catastrophe economics.

Immediately, the unreconstituted 'moderate', 'centrist', 'reasonable' and 'responsible' (all their own self-descriptions, natch) clique who had been running the party since the days when it was led by a war criminal in embryo decide to undermine the newly-elected leader of their own party. To this end, they started to brief those of like (hive) mind in the media - the self-described 'liberal' parts of it in particular - that the programme being suggested by the new leader and his supporters was 'hard left', 'extremist', or simply 'unrealistic'.

2016: Despite being forced into a fresh election, the new leader gained a similarly sweeping majority from the party's members, along with the backing of a substantial influx of new members enthusiastic for a prospectus which abandoned the corporate consensus which had dominated Labour for twenty years to no positive effect for those in our society most in need of support.

This drives the 'moderates' (including the deputy leader) mad, and they step up their campaign of subversion of the clearly-stated will of the party's members. To this end, they start to bruit it about that the party's new leadership - and even the party leader himself, a man with a long and honourable record of fighting racism of all kinds - was 'antisemitic' (which epithet is deemed to be as serious a fault as child-molestation in the current political climate). To encourage this perception, the briefings against the leadership from these 'principled centrists' is ramped up, with the soi-disant 'liberal' press being once again the primary channel of choice for their propaganda.

Despite the lack of evidence to support more than eighty per cent of the accusations being flung about (if there had been any evidence, why did the 'complainants' - all of whom were hostile to the leadership for various other reasons - not take their information to the police, given that that sort of behaviour is actionable under English law?), enough shit flung at a fan will splat against the nearest wall and stick there.

And so - along with the claims that the new leader's policies were 'extreme' when they were slap bang in the mainstream of European social democratic thinking - the impression was built up in the minds of the public that Jeremy Corbyn (for it was he) was a positive danger not merely to Jews but to British Democracy Its Very Self (a concept which, to the minds of many of us nowadays, could do with a bit of positive endangerment).

2017: The most right-wing government of my lifetime (at least to that point) calls a snap general election which it is - at least initially - widely expected to romp. Instead, due to a catastrophic failure on the part of Conservative strategists to realise that their leader was a figure with the empathetic talents of a badly-aimed breeze block and a rhetorical style to match, the Tories fall short of a majority.

Why this should have been, and why Labour did not quite manage to make up enough ground to prevent even a minority Conservative government, was in no small measure due to the campaign of innuendo, smear and outright sabotage conducted by many of the party's own senior figures and apparatchiks. Resources which should have been used on eminently winnable seats were withheld or directed to hopeless constituencies where the party's candidates were more in line with the 'moderates'' groupthink. The shivving of the party's leader and activists continued fortississimo with the Groaniad, the abubindependentski and the BBC now being used to the maximum possible effect without making it explicit to all bar the irredemably dense that that was being done. The fake 'antisemitism' smears continued in excelsis, forever enthusiastically amplified by the Freedlands, the Rent-A-Tools, the Cohens and the Kuenssbergs. Activists who had slogged their guts out for the party over a period of years found themselves slung out of their party on the basis of nothing more than media-amplified insinuations whilst those who had deliberately, calculatingly conspired to subvert the choices of the membership were left untouched.

2019: After four and a half years of smears, sneers, nudge-nudge briefings, fabrications, confections and outright lies, the Labour Party - which, keep in mind, was espousing solutions to our problems which in themselves had widespread support in the polls - crashed to one of its worst electoral performances ever, ushering in what was now - emphatically - the most extreme right-wing government of my lifetime, made up as it is of wild-eyed, sociopathic and psychopathic True Believers with no ameliorating influences from within or without.

And even the wanks of Tuscany could scarce forebear to cheer. For they had achieved their main aim; to destroy not only the immediate possibility of a radically progressive government, but to provide the enemies of such a movement with their own 'Winter Of Discontent' meme, to be used for a generation or more as a put-down whenever the possibility might arise of such an outrageous concept gaining traction in the future.

2020: A change of leadership was inevitable, of course, and the 'moderate', 'sensible', 'centrist' clique which had re-asserted the Old Corporate Corruption of the Blair years had their man ready, in the form of the former Director of Public Prosecutions Keir Starmer (whom the Blair clique had parachuted into a safe seat some years before), a man whom, we were told, was 'forensic', 'serious' and of course 'moderate'. The fact that no-one knows what Starmer stands for (least of all, it seems, himself) was considered a bonus; being so lacking in solidity, he could therefore be poured into whatever ideological container was needed at any given point in the future.

The subsequent leadership election was more of a coronation (one would not have been surprised to see Cardinal Archbishop Blair himself descending from his self-apppointed seat at Rupert's right hand to anoint the victor) and subsequent developments have been utterly predictable.

Firstly, Rebecca Long-Bailey was sacked from the shadow cabinet for tweeting a link to an interview in the abubindependent with the actress Maxine Peake in which she described (not one-hundred-per-cent accurately, it must be admitted, which was of course used against both Peake and Long-Bailey) the nexus between killer cops in the US and the military and paramilitary establishment of the Self-Righteous State; a statement which was not remotely 'antisemitic' unless you believe that any criticism of Eretz Yisra'el is ipso facto 'antisemitic', in which case you fall ironically foul of the infamous IHRA definition which states that identifying Israel with all Jews - or vice versa - is itself an 'antisemitic' act).

Then the Party decided that it would make a settlement of a substantial amount of moolah to a number of agitators who claimed that they had 'blown the whistle' on 'antisemitism', even though the Party's lawyers had expressed a clear opinion that the claimants were unlikely to win. In this way, Starmer not only shat on the head of his party's members (whose dues are now going to be handed over to people who were determined to destroy their party from within) but has - most conveniently - managed to get the hard-line Zionists of the Jewish Labour Movement and the Labour Friends Of Israel back onside (and abandoning the plight of the Palestinians under illegal occupation at the same time).

Further triangulation will follow, especially with so malleable a 'leader'. So we will in due course see the return of Blairist rhetoric about immigrants; the scapegoating of the unemployed (of whom there will shortly be many more); the hammering of the disabled (remember who introduced ATOS into the lives of the chronically ill? The ones who survived won't forget); and the return of the neo-con foreign and military policies of the discredited past.

But, given that those members who were enthused by the possibility of real change are now likely to leave the party, and given that Labour may now be sued by those whose plotting has been revealed in an internal enquiry, where is the party now going to get its money from?

Oh, look! It's the return of the millionaires! Yes, those who bought the 'brand' in the 1990s are returning, to ensure that no future Labour government will be anything other than totally relaxed about their filthy riches, and that lucrative government contracts will certainly be nudged in their direction in due course.

(Note that one of the interviewees stated that she specifically re-joined the party to vote for Starmer; when thousands of activists did the same to vote for Corbyn, it was described by the punditocracy as 'entryism'. But not this time, for some unfathomable reason).

It is at this point that I need to make a more specific point. There are still those in England's Oldest Colony™ who claim to be 'socialist' but who nonetheless still decry any talk of an independent status for our nation; a status which would make a 'socialist' government substantially more likely (although by no means a certainty). "Oh, no!", they cry, "Everythin'll be olright when we 'ave a Labour gov'munt in Westminster, aye!".

I have a sad message for you, Denzil. Two sad messages, in fact.

Firstly, there ain't gonna be no Labour gov'munt in Westminster this side of 2029, butt; the Cult Of The Thatched One has an unassailable majority for another four and a half years, even if the Godhead himself is removed in one of those genteel coups de palace for which his party is rightly renowned; and come 2024, Labour will have too much ground to make up electorally to prevent at least a minority Tory administration from continuing after that date.

Secondly, in order just to get a toe-hold on power, Labour would have to appeal to the same sort of English suburban conservatives and unreconstructed post-industrial 'working classes' which delivered its landslides in 1997 and 2001 and - especially in the latter category - turned so viciously on it last year. Starmer and his fans understand this if they understand anything at all. So the marginalised and the easily demonised will once again be thrown under the (privatised) bus to butter up the people who bizarrely think that voting for the Úlite is a blow against that very Úlite, and that that nice Mr Farrago is 'a man of the people' and 'one of us'. Whatever government which may follow such a move post-2029 will - like its illiberal, vicious predecessor - be LINO, that is, 'Labour In Name Only'. And what use will that be to you, Denzil?

Perhaps for another time my detailed views on the rank hypocrisies of the Ukanian Labour Party's branch in our country (there is no such creature as 'Welsh Labour'; search the records of the Electoral Commission as you may, you will never find it, it being merely a branch/accounting unit of the imperial-colonial whole). But I will end by sending this message to the more enlightened members of that accounting unit (and there are some):

Given that over a third of your fellow Labour voters are already supportive of independence - with the number sure to rise as the latest betrayal of your values proceeds apace - and given that your branch will never support any such move, it being both subject to the commands of the Ukanian body and dominated by those for whom the Butcher's Apron and the prospect of gongs and ermine will always take precedence over the needs of our nation; given that, as I say, would now not be an opportune moment for you to break away and either create a pro-independence party with traditional Labour values shorn of the unionjackery, or join one of the new pro-independence parties which have been set up in the last year or two, namely Gwlad or the Welsh National Party (*)? Because I'm afraid that you are palpably wasting your time and energy trying to get the rusting hulk of your old party to float away from the ruined quay of British exceptionalism. And there is no time left to lose.

(*) Later re-named Propel after a series of politicised decisions by the Electoral Commission under pressure from the self-styled 'Party Of Wales', which has tried to undermine Neil McEvoy and his campaigns for years.