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Date: 03/04/21

Dog-Whistle **NOW UPDATED**

You know how sensitive I am to these things, but there was something decidedly off about this headline on the BBC News website today. For those who don't have over-precise antennae, I have highlighted the troubling part:

Screenshot from BBC News stating that the victim of a lethal dog attack in Rowley Regis 'was originally from Jamaica'

Why was it deemed necessary (or indeed remotely relevant) to state that Mrs Downer - who had lived in Rowley Regis for sixty years or more - was "...originally from Jamaica"?

I can think of two possible explanations:

  1. That - in an desire to reassure us that the Brutish Broadcorping Castration is conscious that Black Lives Matter - they felt that it was important not to deprive this poor old lady of her ethno-cultural identity even in the most hideous circumstances of her death, or
  2. That it was necessary for current ideological purposes to hint that Mrs Downer was a darkie who had taken up space in the Glorious Heart Of Glorious Empire which should have been reserved for a Glorious blue-rinsed, pursed-lipped harridan permanently wearing a Glorious rain-hood and with Glorious political views slightly to the right of the entire membership of National Action combined.

Bearing in mind that:

...then why do I incline strongly to the latter explanation?

Update (04/04/21): Almost as if to prove my point, they're still fucking doing it:

Another screenshot from BBC News a day after the first one, again stating that the victim of the dog attack in Rowley Regis was 'originally from Jamaica'