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Date: 30/04/22

A Grab-bag Of Grouches

The coming of Spring has at the very least relieved me of the desire to, or necessity of, commenting on current matters. We had a very pleasing spell of nice weather in the third quarter of March, which meant that I could get all the essential start-of-season weeding done. I also gave the grass its first cut of the year before the end of that month; an unprecedented act which had its expected consequences in having to give it another cut within three weeks, and it'll need doing yet again soon. The annual bellum contra taraxacum is also now in full effect (dandelions are described as 'perennial', and don't I know it).

Events out in what we laughingly call 'the real world' do impinge from time to time despite my best efforts to exclude them, so I've kept them back for the grimoire of grump you may be about to read.

And there we have it. In short, an awful lot in the world is FUBAR (Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition) in one way or another. I shall just sit here and wait for my bus pass and my Civil Service Pension (you know, the one tabloid readers insist is Gold-Plated), both of which are due to accrue to yer Ould Judge in less than six weeks from now.