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Date: 05/07/03

Music Is Still The Best!

I've finally got around to my latest six-monthly list of My Hundred Best Tunes (see "Music Is The Best"). I usually do this in early June, but I've been delayed by the need to try to bring my feral hedgerow to heel, plus redesigning my websites to bring ease to the furrowed brows of the browser snobs.

I sorted out my 'definites' list, the ones which always feature, and my 'probables' too. I was then left with just one space to be filled. So I was faced with the task of having to choose just one track out of about forty-odd from the 'possibles' list. Trying to narrow it down was an absolute sod! Did I choose Frank Zappa's Peaches En Regalia (a regular down the years)? Or did I fight for the rights of Kate Bush's Cloudbusting to stay in once more? Or would Echo & The Bunnymen's The Back Of Love be worthy of sneaking in under the wire? Quite a few regulars have been squeezed out this time around because of material I didn't have before.

Well, as it happens, none of these did squeak through, but I'm not telling you which one filled the 100th position. I randomise the tracks anyway so as to give the potential for interesting contrasts.

You can peruse the list here.