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Date: 19/06/04

Album Time

This sort of follows on from the last entry. Well, not sort of, it very definitely does.

What sparked it off, though, was an article in a recent edition of Counterpunch in which some of the regular contributors were asked to name their Top 25 albums of all time. It was interesting to note how some albums and artists cropped up time and again.

Well, I thought that might be a fine idea for this site - it would fill a corner, at least. So I set to pondering...

...and made the interesting discovery that, while I have quite a sizable collection of albums (vinyl and CD), I couldn't possibly find 25 which were indispensible. In fact, I had trouble finding ten. Even then I wasn't happy with the list, because some of them were clearly not of the absolute, alpha-plus class. So I whittled it down to just five. And still I'm not sure about at least one of them.

All the same, I'll have to rest my case. If I did another one in a month's time, chances are it'd be different anyway.

You can see the list (with typically pseud comments) here.