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Date: 11/12/05

A Hundred Reasons...

Yes, chums, it's that time again. Time for me to go through the collection and pick out a hundred of the best, just so that you can see how interesting and varied my musical tastes are (or, alternatively, just sit there murmuring, "What a sad bastard this man is!").

There are a few new entries this time, somewhat biased towards the stuff I've bought in the last few months. So, Kate Bush gets no fewer than six entries in the chart. Not just because there are three tracks from Aerial included, but because I went back and listened to all the previous albums as well.

What all this also means is that some veterans of the list have been 'rested' this time around, some for the first time since I started doing this for my own amusement about seven years ago.

I've got a fair bit of stuff on hard drive waiting to be burned on to CD-R (much of it TV-related, as it happens), so next June's list is likely to be even more eccentric.

Oh, by the way, the list is here.