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Date: 20/01/08

Clocked Up

This has the hallmarks of an Urban Legend, but it made me laugh.

The actress Diana Dors' real surname was Fluck. She changed it when her manager warned her that her career could be ended by one blown lightbulb.

When she was famous, she went back to her home town of Swindon to open a fête. Lunching beforehand with the local vicar who was going to be introducing her, she told him what her real surname was.

This obviously played on the poor man's mind, and he made his introduction in something of a funk over getting her surname right. This is what he said:

"Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great pleasure that I introduce to you our star guest. We all love her, especially as she is our local girl. I therefore feel it right to introduce her by her real name; ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the very lovely Miss Diana Clunt."