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Date: 25/10/08

The Mole On The Tallywhacker

Puerile? Certainly.

Crude? Yep.

Brash? Indeedy.

But that's not to say that Porky's is a movie without merit. Much of the acting is very well done, especially when you bear in mind that the performers playing high-school boys in early 50s Florida were mostly in their mid-twenties at the time (another classic of the period, Animal House, was similar in that respect).

When people think of Porky's nowadays, they think of the famous 'shower scene'. My favourite part, however, is the very next sequence, as seen below.

To set the scene, in case you don't know: the boys have found a peep-hole into the girls' showers at Angel Beach High. Three of them - Tommy Turner (Wyatt Knight), Billy (Mark Herrier) and 'Pee-Wee' Morris (Dan Monahan) - are looking through it when Pee-Wee gives the game away, and the showering girls find out that they're being watched. In an act of bravado, Tommy sticks his cock through the hole in the wall. Unfortunately for him the girls' coach, Beulah Ballbricker, comes into the showers at this point and...erm...apprehends Tommy by grabbing hold of the evidence. Tommy gets away, but Miss Ballbricker is not to be denied, and calls a meeting with the boys' coaches and the school principal, Mr. Carter:

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(The clip features Nancy Parsons as Beulah Ballbricker, Boyd Gaines as Coach Brackett, Doug McGrath as Coach Warren, Bill Hindman as Coach Goodenough and Eric Christmas as Mr. Carter)

It never fails to get me giggling anyway, but I always marvel at the playing of this scene. Firstly because acting laughter is difficult to pull off convincingly, especially throughout a scene of over four minutes in length; and secondly because Nancy Parsons (and, for as long as is necessary, Eric Christmas) manage to keep straight faces against a backdrop of utter hysterics.

One more thing: what you have just seen was done in one take!