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Date: 06/12/08

The Life Of Ryan

My article on Ryan Davies for Transdiffusion earlier this year has led to something interesting.

A few weeks ago, my editor (hello Kif!) received an e-mail asking to be put in touch with me. It turned out to be from Mike Evans, who had been Ryan's personal manager. He has started up a website as a sort of tribute-cum-archive, and he wanted permission to reproduce my article there.

Well, I phoned Mike up and had a very enjoyable chat with him. He asked me to write reviews of some of the CDs of Ryan Davies (and Ryan and Ronnie) material which his company, Black Mountain Records, have now issued. I, of course, was more than pleased to agree to this.

You can see my review of The Many Faces Of Ryan by clicking on the picture below, and I may be reviewing some of the others when I can find a minute (Kif wants another article from me for Transdiffusion, eager old thing that he is!)

Photo of Ryan Davies

Update (19/03/11): Due to a site revamp, my review has been pulled from Black Mountain's site. Oh well...