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Date: 03/01/09

Rate This, Minister!

I've remarked before (and confidently expect to remark in future) about the Régime's obsession with MBA-Bollocks-Speak, spin and cheap gimmicks. The latest is the lamentable idea (if one may lower that noble word to describe something so footling) exuded by Health Minister Ben Bradshaw that a government website should be set up to enable 'customers' to rate their doctors. This would no doubt cost a lot of money - most of which would go to yet another bunch of crooked outsourcers - and would serve no purpose other than to allow people to think that they actually have some real power. Which, of course, they haven't.

I am delighted, therefore, to steer you in the direction of this masterful piece of second-asshole-ripping from Marina Hyde, one of the few reasons to read The Guardian nowadays.