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Date: 25/09/09

A (Far) Right Old Queen

I hope I'm not writing a cheque with my fingers that the rest of me won't be willing to cash, but I maintain that not even 'waterboarding' (and how repulsive that term is, making torture by drowning in instalments sound like a day in the waves off Newquay) would make a monarchist out of me.

I view the existence of monarchy as a sort of infantile disorder and an insult to democracy and justice and all who have fought (and all too often died) for them.

It is rare to see the English monarchy exposed in the UK media; that is the place where the cloying deference of less enlightened times merges with the whoring scandal-worship which keeps the press profitable and its readership compliant, docile and unaware of what is being done to them by those who wield power (political, economic and legal).

That is why this piece in today's Independent by Johann Hari is so welcome.

Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon always struck me as being like an animatronic troll, and it is no surprise to anyone who has shown any genuine curiosity that she was in reality a deeply unsympathetic figure, with some very nasty political and ethnic sympathies, as Hari makes manifest.

How ironic that someone we were propagandised into worshipping for her 'leadership' during the fight against Nazism should turn out to have been as obsessed with 'bloodlines' as anyone who attended the Wannsee Conference!

And how ironic that the pretence has been kept up for years about the paternity of certain members of the current crop of mediocrities masquerading as superior to all the rest of us solely on the basis of whose vagina they slithered out of! See this document (originally from the ThroneOut website) for further revelations.

Update: And still her family takes the piss!