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Date: 07/10/09

Don't Cross A Cross-Dresser!

Instant justice is not usually a good idea: what is needed is cool, calm deliberation of the facts before reaching a judgment.

Just sometimes, however, 'natural justice' fits the bill perfectly.

When a couple of standard-issue drunken arseholes started harrassing some apparent transvestites in Swansea city centre one night, they ended up getting the worst of it when the cross-dressers (according to some reports, a group of cage-fighters on a stag night) struck back.

You can see the yobs in question getting into rucks in the early part of this clip, but the good bit comes at about the 1 minute mark:

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The piss-heads were given a community order, electronic tagging and a curfew, in addition to a severe case of embarrassment. I can't imagine they'd want to go out on the town again in a hurry, though.

(Tip of the wig to The Register)