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Date: 26/02/10

Tears For Fears - "Sowing The Seeds Of Love"

As I've remarked elsewhere on this site, the 1980s were a wretched decade if you weren't rich, pushy, status-obsessed and devoid of anything which could be called a social conscience.

There had been some indications towards the end of the decade that a sort of counter-effect was brewing. We had the rave culture and the lifestyle and music which went with it, for example, and there was just the hint of an undercurrent of change.

Of course, we can see in hindsight that nothing much was to change in any substantial way; merely that those in whose interest it was to make things continue as they had been became rather more subtle and devious in their words and deeds.

Nonetheless, when this song came out in the summer of 1989, with all its allusions to The Beatles and the ideals of thirty years earlier, it was impossible not to hope for something better. It's still a favourite of mine.

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