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Date: 17/05/10

On The Record

As promised more than once, the list of all my CDs, vinyl albums and singles and pre-recorded cassettes (remember those?) are now on the site.

Just click on the appropriate icon below to go to them.

Update (09/05/20): I've decided to take the catalogue pages down. I realised the other night with a thrill of horror which can only be fully appreciated by those who are similarly over-ordered that I hadn't updated them for nearly five years. And they were taking up a bit of server space that I need.

Graphic of a compact disc Graphic of a vinyl LP Graphic of a vinyl single Graphic of an audio cassette

Just a quick point (which I reiterate on each of the pages): none of these items is for sale, and please don't ask for sound files for anything because I don't want the potential hassle from that.

The idea for posting these lists came to me while I was digitising my entire vinyl collection - a process which took most of last year and a few weeks of this one.

I have sought to hide nothing here; it's all in there, the ones which show how wonderfully au fait I am with, say, mid-seventies space rock or late-eighties/early-nineties indie, alongside such gems of high culture as The Wombling Song.

I suppose that I could, had I really wanted to, have jettisoned the more embarrassing items. I could have re-invented myself as someone of such rarified tastes that nothing in my collection would cause inveterate and intolerable pseuds such as Paul Morley to suffer an attack of the vapours.

To do such, however, would have been - to my mind - a form of betrayal. For these recordings are, as it were, the tracks of my life. For good or ill, they show where I have been, from the first records I bought (or had bought for me) in the late sixties and early seventies, via a variety of obsessions nearing on that mental pathology known as 'completism', to the present day where I buy very little new stuff (I lost touch with what is au courant after Peelie died), tending instead to concentrate on deepening my knowledge of earlier times.

They're all here; the makers of mastery and the creators of cringe. Je Ne Regrette Rien (which is a track you will find in the singles list under 1991 in its version by Half Man Half Biscuit with Margi Clarke).