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Date: 03/09/10

Baby / Snakes

Two tales of fiendish revenge for you.

Firstly from 0tt3r on the B3ta board:

"I lived in a little terraced house, in an area popular with young families. When the baby Ott3r arrived, amidst a storm of primary coloured plastic and weird things that I still haven't worked out the use of, we bought a baby monitor. It turns out that there are only so many frequencies: after rushing upstairs to calm the cries of mysteriously sleeping baby on a couple of occasions, we figured out that someone was using OUR frequency. Well, something had to be done. So, in the wee small hours of the morning...I picked up the 'transmit' bit of the baby monitor, and started speaking into it... And so it was that a house a few doors up the street suddenly lit up as (I imagine) the concerned parents rushed to baby's room to find the source of a creepy baby voice that was repeating "Satan is my Maaaaaster, Satan is my Maaaaaster"."

I think this almost tops my favourite payback story, which I first heard from the writer and broadcaster Dr Michael O'Donnell.

It concerned a London teaching hospital, where there was a particular medical registrar who was a nasty little shit, particularly towards the student doctors.

A group of these pondered their revenge, and their course of action was determined for them when they discovered that the Registrar had a phobia of snakes.

That weekend, they drove out onto the North Downs and collected three grass snakes (in case you didn't know, grass snakes are not poisonous, but they look a bit like adders, which are). They then took the snakes back to the hospital and let them loose in the Registrar's room while he was elsewhere.

OK, standard medical-student-type prank, you may think. But they added a stroke of malign genius: they left a note on his desk, which read:

"Dear Dr. _____,

We have left four snakes in your room."