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"How Are We Going To Distract Them From Buggering Boys?"

Watching the lather-fest of crawl-arsing from the corporate media towards Ratzinger - along with the suspiciously orchestrated-looking counter-attack from alleged journalists (some of whom are self-alleged 'atheists', but preface their shows of cowardice in the face of the superstition lobby with that infamous formulation, "I'm an atheist, but...", at which point they go on to accuse us atheists of being 'strident', 'aggressive' and 'fundamentalist') - I felt in need of a corrective, a blast of hard light shining on the hypocrisy, the cant, the sheer humbuggery (or something-buggery) of the Vatican and its apologists.

Fortunately, I have been provided with such a tonic from the size of the Protest The Pope march in London this afternoon (over 12 000 by most estimates), and here is that well-known 'strident', 'aggressive' 'fundamentalist', the great Richard Dawkins, to lay out a few home truths to Ratzi and his ring-kissers:

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Update: Because of the size of the rally and the consequent lateness of the speeches starting, Dawkins had to edit his remarks on the fly. You can find the full text here.

Update Update: Did youse know that POPE BENEDICT is an anagram of EPIC BENT PEDO?