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Date: 08/10/10

Hello Boys, It's The Battered Sav!

Sport is ludicrous, when you stop to think about it. Some of it can be traced back to exercises and practices which may once have been necessary for human survival, but most of what we have nowadays was invented a week last Tuesday (historically speaking) and serves little purpose other than to keep the gullible amused, and to keep the aggressive from killing their neighbours on a regular basis.

So, perhaps sending it up is the best policy. This was done to great effect at the Sydney Olympics by the comedy duo Roy and HG (alias Greig Pickhaver and John Doyle). They were given a show on Australia's Seven Network called The Dream which would come on after the day's events at the ring-fest, in which they sent up the sports with their own brand of comedy.

After watching and listening to this, you'll never be able to watch men's gymnastics again; which is probably something to be very pleased about:

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