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Date: 30/10/10

With Goth On Our Side, or "Hello, Ian!"

Just saw a couple waiting for the bus outside.

As far as I could make out in the street lights and passing headlamps, they were dressed as Dracula and Lucy. It seemed to suit them well, only I hope Van Helsing didn't get on at the next stop.

Anyway, it gives me the excuse to give you this; a humorous video someone has made based on one of my favourite humorous songs.

Thoushaltnot are a band from the US who are best known for their EBM/darkwave-type music from the early part of the last decade. They are not without a sense of humour however, and on their 2002 album You'll Wake Up Yesterday they performed a parody of a famous song from The Wizard Of Oz, calling it If I Only Were A Goth.

Unfortunately for Thoushaltnot, someone at some point misattributed the song to a completely different performer, so a lot of people who know the song don't know who actually did it.

The video (not connected with the band in any way) was made by someone who followed the lyrics of the song to the letter (you'll find the lyrics here).

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