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Date: 28/03/11

Cheap Flights - Sure And There's No Such Thing

I've reached advanced middle age without once being any nearer to an aeroplane than about fifty yards. However, some still see it as a status symbol, and will do just about anything to travel on one.

Some corporations know this, however, and use it to entice and exploit. The greatest explosion (can I use that word in this context?) in airline travel has come as a result of the coming of the 'cheap' airlines (you know the ones), who offer flights for ridiculously small sums and only once you've signed up do you find the 'hidden extras' - like being able to use the bog, or having a seat which is designed to accomodate anyone other than a very thin dwarf.

I was sent the link to this clip a couple of days ago, but only clicked on it earlier this evening. Imagine my delight to find that it was a song by Fascinating Ada, one of the best humorous cabaret groups of all time. I didn't even know they were still going, but they are - and going strong indeed on this evidence.

This is their take on the matter:

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(Tip of the wig to Gary Nicholass for the link - good luck in court, mate)