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Date: 08/07/11

From A (Loo-) Bloo Planet?

One of those little events that I would quite like to have witnessed at first hand is described by Terry Pratchett in a recent interview with a Wisconsin newspaper:

"I've had some problems with medication at the moment, but I think the medication is working, and we think that we've now found a way of dealing with some of the side effects."

"I will tell you this little anecdote. I was on this medication recently that might have done something for me, but it turned my urine blue. And in Britain, there are some men's restrooms where it's just a long gutter, do you get me?"

"I get you."

"So there I am, minding my own business as it were, getting on with the matter at hand, and I am aware of a certain stare from other men who are going about their business, when I realize that a trickle of bright blue is drifting down the trough. At which point I raise my hat and say, "I'm really enjoying my visit to your planet.""