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Date: 02/11/11

A Sort Of Freedom

And a tiny bit of good news from over here, for once.

Frank Fernie, one of the victims of political sentencing during this long, dark year was released from prison last week after a quarter of his twelve-month sentence. He will now be under a twelve-hour-a-day curfew until sometime in January.

That may change, however, as his case to the Court of Appeal has yet to be decided. Nonetheless, I send my warmest best wishes to Frank for his future.

Charlie Gilmour - whose appeal was rejected by the Bench of Buffoons last week - may be eligible for release later this month. No word on Edward Woollard, either in terms of an appeal or of early release, but I can't see any reason - other than more political interference - why he should not have been released at the one-quarter mark of his sentence, a point which passed nearly two months ago. Solidarity to both.

And - lest we forget - solidarity also to Ahmed Pelle, Jordan Blackshaw and Perry Sutcliffe-Keenan, to whom were given sentences greater than those handed down to killer drunk-drivers, all for posting words on a social networking website.

And, indeed, solidarity to all of this year's victims of judicial activism.