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Date: 13/02/12

In Which A Poison-Fanged Snake Bites Its Own Arse

The amusing sight of hacks from the Murdoch press having their doors bashed in and their gaffs turned over by the bizzies in hot pursuit of evidence for serious wrong-doing on the part of said hacks has now gained a new element of glee as Trevor Kavanagh, Associate Editor of the six-times-a-week botty-belch known as The Sun, has dipped his claw in ink and come out with a extended scream of outrage about how some of his colleagues have been treated by the self-same Boys In Blue that the same chancrous organ has been alternately bribing and castigating for not doing enough to come down hard on evildoers.

Fortunately, you don't actually need to read the piece itself - comprising as it does one part chutzpah to three parts self-righteous bullshit. You just need to read Sim-O's wonderful destruction, deconstruction and defenestration of it. It certainly made my day.