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Date: 20/01/13

The Doors - "Riders On The Storm" (Major Scaled)

I've remarked before that one gets the impression that some people have way too much time on their hands.

When it produces something fascinating, however, all can be forgiven.

In this case, someone had the bright idea of getting hold of songs which are in a minor key and digitally altering them into the major key.

The following is the best example, taking as it does Jim and the boys' moody, atmospheric piece from the L.A. Woman album and turning into something beguilingly different.

Unsettlingly so, to some degree as well. It's as if you've been away on holiday for a week, and come back into your living room to find that some supernatural force has moved the furniture around but only very slightly: the armchair is now one foot to the left, and the ornaments on the mantelpiece are in a different order to the one they were in when you left.

Still and all, it's a very effective transformation:

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