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Date: 27/02/13


It was, I realise, shamefully remiss of me not to mark the occasion.

Last Friday (February 22nd), the esteemed Philip Challinor published the 3000th post on his blog The Curmudgeon.

If you have not read him, then you haven't been paying attention to a single word I've been telling you, have you? After all, I've linked to him quite a few times and even reposted some of his material (without - I blush to admit - asking permission first; a woeful failure of etiquette on my part, for which I shall undoubtedly and deservedly be flogged to Google).

I posted a small tribute in what passes in my self-delusion for 'verse':

"From The Judge to The Curmudgeon
(To a rapier from a bludgeon!),
I send - as ever - many a
Cheer for your three millennia
Of skewering Bollocksese
Which, like a vile disease,
Has warped communications
In this (and other) nations.
May your intellect so various
And your talents multifarious
Shine long for all to see,
Oh not-gone-mad P.C.!"

That he is the only blogger of true substance who links to this site is neither here nor there. The standard of his writing, be it a fictional vignette pointing up one of the ludicrosities (and if there isn't such a word, there bloody well ought to be) of the contemporary scene, via his creative use of all-too-likely management-and-PR-speak (the "Bollocksese" referred to above), in which he reminds me of Orton at his peak and his use of journalese in his characters' dialogues, to short verse which is often so sharp as to be able to engrave itself onto platinum; the standard, as I say, is so consistently high that his site is a daily must-visit for yer Judge.

And he has reached post number three thousand in at least nine months less than it will have taken me to reach a third of that (this is, I make it, Number 994; on current performance, four figures will be reached more or less contemporaneously with the tenth anniversary of the site in June this year).

I must now back into the limelight and bashfully accept what I consider to be the greatest accolade I have received in the years I've been flaunting my ignorance for the world to see; for Mr Challinor has now immortalised me in verse. I am flattered beyond response, except to thank him for - as a by-product - shaking me (if only for half an hour or so) out of a post-less torpor occasioned by a combination of CBA and being put off by the fact that I have to update five pages for every new post rather than just two.