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Date: 16/04/13

b3ta This!

I've name-checked b3ta a few times here (and always with a warning that some...well, OK much of its content is Not Suitable For Work!), and have sometimes thought about posting something there myself.

Trouble is, although I have some good ideas for images, I lack a lot of the technical skills needed. So I've held back until now.

In the last week or two, however, they've been running an Image Challenge which involves adding or taking away a letter from the name of a recording artist or one of their records and coming up with a matching image.

At this point, I had an idea. No, scrub that; I had An Idea. And so I set to work.

It took days to do (far longer than it would have done had I any talent for image manipulation, and almost certainly far longer than it was worth). But finally it was ready, so I signed up...

...to find that I would have to wait three days to do anything, as they don't let n00bs loose until the Tuesday after they sign up.

That meant that Today Was The Day. So, as I was waiting for the chips to cook, I uploaded my first venture.

You can see it (and the reaction to it) here.