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Date: 17/04/13

There's Still A Flame Of Defiance

On the day which saw a gathering in London which might have been better had it ended at midnight...at a crossroads...with a wooden stake (and, I'm sorry, but her grandchildren look every bit as evil as the old Hatchet did; but then, they're the direct offspring of a crook themselves); a day which enabled the Western world's finest war criminals (Kissinger, Cheney, Blair, Netanyahu) to come together safe in the knowledge the the cops would blow the head off the shoulders of any public-spirited citizen inspired to attempt a citizen's arrest; it is heartening to see that the village of Goldthorpe in Yorkshire was able to speak for far more of us than the supine BBC has permitted to be heard in the last week or so:

Photo of an effigy of Thatcher's coffin being burned in Goldthorpe, Yorkshire

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