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Date: 05/05/13

John Monopoly - "She Blinded Me With Science" (1996)

Being a mod for 45cat (and our recent server problems now seem to be over, by the way) has certain advantages, not least of which is that it can cast unexpected little gems in your path.

Yesterday, I was continuing with the work of going through a huge stash of label and sleeve images given to us by a member who doesn't have the time to upload them himself, when I came across this one.

The A-side I know from nothing (and the band was unknown to me - apparently they covered a lot of bases, musically speaking, but were quite short-lived. They're not to be confused with a hip-hop manager and promoter of the same name, by the way; these guys were from Rhode Island), but my curiosity was piqued by the flip, as She Blinded Me With Science is a track I've long been familiar with in its original incarnation by its co-writer Thomas Dolby (including vocal contributions by one of TV's legendary 'mad scientists', Dr. Magnus Pyke).

So I said to myself, "Self", I said, "I wonder if there's a YouTube of this track?"

Guess what? There is. What's more, it's really rather good. Take a gander - but watch you don't get blinded with...


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