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Date: 25/05/13

10 Out Of 10

June 13 will mark the tenth anniversary of this site going live.

I pondered how I should mark the occasion. After last year's efforts, the one thing I did not intend doing was revamping the site again. I thought of writing a long, tedious essay on the nature of blogging and my own small part in it, but that would have been an act of gratuitous self-importance.

Instead, I decided to pick out ten posts which - to me, at least - would sum up what I think it has all been about. Or, put less pretentiously, the ten posts which I'm most proud of. They are a mix of the amusing and the serious, talking about me and of wider issues.

I intend to post my choices one per day starting on June 4 (assuming I don't forget in my befuddlement), under this logo:

Button saying '10 Out Of 10'