Picture of a judge's wigThe Judge RAVES!Picture of a judge's wig

Date: 18/09/13


In response to a truly bizarre and hagiographical editorial in the Grundiad on the subject of Nick Clegg's speech to his soon-to-be-toast-party Conference, someone expressed regret that Judas didn't have the Graun to back him up in his day. This led the commenter called (what else?) 'IvanAlias' to pen this wonderful little example of what the bien pensants of first century Judea could have read:

"Whilst Mr Iscariot certainly has his critics, the economic circumstances of turn of the era Judea meant that he had to accept 30 pieces of silver to pay down the enormous deficit left by Herod Antipas' profligate 'boom and bust' policies. Tough choices had to be made. Sacrifices had to be made. Preferably semi-human/semi-divine sacrifices. With nails."