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Date: 30/11/13

Fluke - "Joni" (1991)

I was probably a bit old for the dance/rave scene of the late 80s/early 90s, and little of the music of that scene would have impinged on my consciousness but for the machinations of John Peel, who would play a fair bit of it. That's how I came to get into The Orb at an early stage in their career (see the first entry here for a bit more about that).

There were other tracks to which I took a shine too, though; almost entirely one-off efforts by largely anonymous outfits or individuals which just seemed to hit the right spot.

What follows is one example. Fluke are/were (no-one is entirely sure which tense applies) a small outfit out of the superficially unpromising soil of Beaconsfield in England (although not so unpromising that it couldn't produce the brilliance of Terry Pratchett), and their third single, Joni, was a delightful chugging groove which included samples (or imitations) of (who else) Joni Mitchell from Big Yellow Taxi.

I just love the way it moves. Listen now, and see if it moves you, too:

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