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Date: 24/03/15

"I Will Be Your Memory"

If for no other reason than to avoid the wretched prospect of going the whole of this ordurious month (I'm still in pain from the dental work I had last Thursday, thus putting the tin hat on the wretched thing) utterly Rave-less, here's a wonderful, moving and - of course - funny tribute from Neil Gaiman to his friend and quondam collaborator Terry Pratchett, as presented to an audience in San Francisco only a few hours after the great man's DEATH (erm, sorry, death):

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(With thanks to Alison Flood at the Guardian for the link)

(I have now started doing what I had - with perhaps some degree of pre-cognisance which would be more useful if it related to, say, lottery numbers - had thoughts about doing a few weeks ago; namely, re-reading the whole Discworld® canon from the start. Well, apart from the ones categorised as 'Young Adult' (*), which I've never got around to. My apologies to the man next door for any laughter which percolates through the bedroom wall late at night).

* A marketing term which translates as "We can't call them 'children' or even 'teenagers', so let's find an even more patronising description for them"