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Date: 09/06/15

All In A Day

So, what happened on the day I entered my fifty-fourth year of wilfully consuming the planet's finite resources?

So, that was my day...how was yours?

* I had the same problem remembering what the stuff was called as I referred to here a little while back. I had remembered that, when I was in my previous job (prior to signing away my life with the Depratment), we had had a little send off for the boss, who was moving to a job in London. We'd got in some nice fizzy white wine from M&S, and I spent ages trying to remember what it was called. It would have been easier had I not convinced myself that it began with a 'C'...

† It won't be there for ever. This is how it looks as I type this:

Screenshot of the front page of b3ta, showing my image

My image is on the left in the middle, and was an entry in the current competition to invent cases of inappropriate product sponsorship. Here it is in its full glory:

Mocked-up image showing a manual of sex therapy - sponsored by Screwfix