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Date: 26/01/20

A Judgement To Rush

(Sorry Philip, I beat you to this one!)

This past week or so, I have been mostly binge-listening to Rush albums.

I realised after posting my tribute to Neil Peart that I had, in fact, heard comparatively little of Rush's output.

Sure, I was familiar with three of their four classic LPs from the late 70s and early 80s - 2112, A Farewell To Kings and Permanent Waves (having missed 1978's Hemispheres for some historical reason) - but all that I knew of the three albums issued before them and the numerous ones issued afterwards was the occasional track on the 1990 Chronicles double-CD set.

So, with my customary over-ordered obsessiveness, I set to filling in the gaps in my knowledge, helped by the fact that every one of them is on YouKnowWhere.

I was not so obsessed as to include the live sets on my voyage, however; I tend to the view that concert albums are inadequate substitutes for the way that the material was originally intended to be heard, and am enough of a sonic snob to believe that what might be gained in 'excitement' and 'atmosphere' tends strongly to be outweighed by 'poor sound engineering' and 'lousy production'.

So that left me with...count 'em...nineteen albums, which I listened to during every evening (and a couple of afternoons) of this past week whilst doing some long-overdue moderation work on the submissions queue at 45cat (a duty which I have been greatly neglecting for some time).

Now please appreciate that, due to the fact that I was multi-tasking (an increasingly fraught operation in itself nowadays), what follows is in no way an analysis or even an overview of a recording career spanning nearly four decades. Instead, it's little more than a series of impressions and observations:

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