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Date: 25/04/22

The War On Joke

I used to have a lot of time for the American comedian Bill Maher, to the point of linking to some of his video clips. I then got the feeling that he had become just another smug, rich liberal with a propensity for punching down. His tendency to laugh at his own jokes wore thin as well.

He can still sometimes hit the spot bang on, however. A couple of weeks ago, he gave an analysis - under the heading of "Explaining Jokes To Idiots" - of all the fuss at the Oscars™ when Will Smith decked Chris Rock for a joke that Rock had made about Smith's wife.

Maher's points are well-made and hard-hitting, particularly when it comes to the 'cancel culture' which latterly has neutered comedians generally, but especially when performing at colleges (the last places where comedy would have been censored in previous ages). As he says, "Colleges - where comedy goes to die".

Tell it, Bill:

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