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Date: 08/05/11

Drive, He Said

If things go a little quiet here (or quieter than they have been), it's only because I've got a new toy.

I've mentioned before that I had digitised all my vinyl, firstly to DVD-R (thirty-odd of them - I've kept the .wav files as well, in case I want to convert them to a format other than .mp3), then to the hard drive on this PC.

I found then that, although I was now giving the music I had on black pieces of plastic with a hole in the middle a lot more of a hearing than for a long time - as you would have seen from following the Raves page in the last few months - I was now not listening to anything much that I had on CD.

This is pure laziness on my part: the discs are within no more than six feet of where I sit, and my elderly Aiwa hi-fi is just as close. Still, I mostly couldn't be arsed.

So, I worked out that transferring the contents of my CDs to the hard drive would take up about 18Gb of space. That's nothing, bearing in mind that this PC has a hard drive of 250Gb and that even after three and half years I'm still only using about 60Gb of it. Nonetheless, I though that an external drive would be a good idea.

In town last Thursday I decided to go for it, and walked into Micro-Plus Computers in Chester Street. Who should be there but Mick, who sold me this PC back in November 2007. I hadn't seen him there for a while, but he was covering the Wrexham shop for a few days (he usually works in their Business Centre down in Oswestry).

A discussion and a lot of pleasantries later, I walked out with a 1Tb Buffalo HD-EU2 for 64.99. One like this, in fact:

Photo of a Buffalo external hard drive

Setting it up was easy-peasy. Just connect the power, connect the USB and there you are. I had wanted the drive to go on the desk, but the USB cable isn't quite long enough, so it's sitting on top of the PC tower unit under the desk.

I started off by moving the vinyl stuff from the hard drive to the Buffalo, and then loaded the 78 rpm stuff I converted at the end of 2009. I then started on the CDs.

I've done 19 of them so far. I've only got another 369 to go. I'll see you next year sometime...

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