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Date: 05/08/12

Switched On?

I am - for reasons to do with the possible intercession of the three true gods, Eris, Murphy and Sod - somewhat reluctant to go into the chicken-counting trade just at the moment, but I think the problems I've been having with this PC for a week and a half have resolved themselves.

Moreover, I think I know what might have caused them.

First, read this.

What my attempt to prevent a recurrence of that little upscrew actually meant of course was that - with the exception of the occasional power cut and the two or three times that I've disassembled the whole set-up in order to clean - the PSU has had power going to it continuously for over eight months. This has obviously caused it to lose its stability and - to use a technical term - throw a wobbler.

Since last Tuesday night, once I have powered down the PC I have also powered it off at the surge protector and flipped the rocker switch at the back of the tower to its 'Off' position.

Since then, no problems.

<Awaits thunderbolt>