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Date: 05/07/15

Just One Word...

...can sometimes encapsulate an entire set of assumptions, values and political and social realities.

Such can be found, I would aver, in the BBC's customarily breathless report on today's baptism of the latest burden to the public finances for the next eighty-odd years joyous addition to our beloved Royal Family.

The report is here, and the salient word occurs in the following section (emphasis mine) (*):

"The baptism, conducted by Archbishop of Canterbury the Most Reverend Justin Welby, will be held in private.

But members of the public will be allowed into the area outside the church - known as the paddock - to see Charlotte and other royals arrive and depart."

Doesn't that one word 'paddock' sum up in two brief, snappy syllables the whole view taken by the ruling élite of the rest of us, even if we choose not to disrespect ourselves by fawning and goo-gooing over them?

We knew long since, of course, that Queen Elizabeth The Blood-line Obsessive viewed human beings the same way that she viewed her racehorses; as mere dumb creatures to be bred from for her advantage and enrichment. But the moral rot obviously runs far deeper in the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha-Von Battenburg dynasty and its various relatives (such as the odious Cameron) and hangers-on. So much so, in fact, that it has even seeped into the realms of formal politics, with the perpetually-punchable Vampire Squit Iain Duncan Smith referring to disabled people claiming social security as 'stock'.

Clearly we are - in their eyes and what passes for their hearts - merely a herd, to be cultivated for their pleasure (be it hunting the proles, throwing a another peasant on the fire, or merely raping their bodies and minds for entertainment), and to be tied up, put down or otherwise culled (which used to be done by having a convenient war; nowadays, they merely send the Metropolitan Police after them) if we are perceived as any real threat to their position.

On the day when the people of Greece actually vote to decide whether to kiss or kick the arses of the Natural Rulers Of The World™, it's instructive to see how far from democracy we are in the home of Magna Carta, the Mother****** Of Parliaments ("That will be £7billion pounds for redecorating, thank you! Ker-CHINGGG!!"), and a land where more and more of the wealth and power has been appropriated by an ever-smaller proportion of the population, who then use their clout to avoid any remaining duty to the well-being of all of the rest of us.

* The wording has now slightly changed, but only in the verb tenses as the thing has now happened.

Update: At some point during that day, all references to 'the paddock' were all removed. Curious, that...